Merrilly Watson is a psychologist in private practice in Rose Park, South Australia. Prior to commencing her practice in 1995, she spent 10 years working for Relationships Australia as a group counsellor and couple therapist, and almost 5 years prior to this employed as a youth worker at the Parks Community Centre.


With her broad range of experiences, Merrilly is comfortable working with individuals (adolescents & adults), couples and families. Her specialty areas include depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma-related problems, weight concerns, & skill -building for increasing resilience and self-confidence.


Merrilly is also an experienced hypnosis practitioner and regularly incorporates hypnosis in her work. She has taught in the hypnosis training course for the South Australian Society of Hypnosis (SASH) and served on its Executive Committee for 11 years (as Chairperson for 5 years). From 2010-2011, she was the Federal Secretary for the Australian Society of Hypnosis.


In 2012, Merrilly and her colleague Marta Lohyn established Hypnosis Today, an organisation that offers training and support for healthcare professionals wishing to learn hypnosis or further develop their skills in this area.


A referral is not required to see a psychologist. However, referrals under the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Scheme (Medicare) are accepted. Information regarding the rebates from Medicare and private health funds can be found in the Fees section of this website.


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